Monday, December 10, 2007


holy shit mike
so last night i'm watching the history channel, see
and they have on a show on nostradamus
and they're talking about a text of images, see - images
possibly drawn by his son, see
and they're all done up in symbols and whathaveyou
very symbolic, these images
watercolors by the way
and they're prophetic, don't you know
and well, wouldn't you believe it, they got on to talking of the apocalypse
the apocalypse is what i'm saying to you
well mike they said something interesting indeed
very interesting as a matter of fact
interesting as could be, is what i'm saying
and they said - in astronomical terms, there is a centerpoint in the galaxy
you can see it in the nightsky, i guess
although i've never seen it myself
but it's there, and it's all mapped out thanks to the stars, of course
and well, mike - now you listen here
the sun comes into alignment with that centerpoint of the galaxy every 13,000 years
so the last time it aligned - it was about 11,000 BC
listen to me mike - because this is important
so guess what
it's coming into alignment again
and real soon too
and this event - this event is the astronomical sign of the end of the world as we know it
mike this is big
it gives me the bumps just thinking about it mike
because this is nostradamus we're talking about
and i know he's spotty as a prophet and all that
but i guess he was not so bad at a student of the stars and the occult
and i guess, mike
that he predicted that the apocalypse would take place at the moment of this alignment
and that date, mike
that date is 2012

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